Maryland Case Search

Maryland judiciary case search is an online portal for searching the cases that are registered under Maryland court records. If you would like to get detailed information about the Maryland cases you can use this portal and extract the information which includes city, state, case number, trail date, date of birth, names of the parties that falls under Maryland district court judiciary. There are a set of rules for accessing the information on Maryland case search and you must abide with all the rules before using the portal. Let’s get started.

How to Use Maryland Case Search

The Maryland judiciary case search provides the set of options that lets you specify which cases you want to search. It allows you to search for the cases based on the person or the company. The default option to search for a case is a person.

  • Visit Official Maryland Case Search Website
  • Read the Terms and conditions carefully and click “Continue” button
  • The MD case search website asks the user to enter the first name, middle name and last name of their search.
  • The options for selecting the party type are All, Attorney, Defendant, Plaintiff and Other. The default party type is All.
  • You have to select the party type based on the case which you are searching for. The options for case type is All, Civic, Criminal, Traffic and Civil Citation. The default for the case type is All.
  • On the Maryland judiciary case search website, the options for the court system are Both Circuit and District Courts, Circuit Court Only and District Court Only. The default of the court system is Both Circuit and District Courts.
  • The option for the county gives the list of the counties in Maryland.
  • The website gives the option to enter the filling date in range and it also gives the option to enter the exact date.
  • After selecting the options and entering all the search information on the md case search website, you have to click on the search button.
  • The website also gives you the option to search for cases based on the case number.
  • To search by the case number on the maryland judiciary case search website, you have to select the option whether the case you want to search for is a district or a circuit court and you have to enter the case number then click on the search button.

Maryland Case Search Traffic, Civil and Criminal Records

Using md judiciary case search portal you can find traffic, civil and criminal records and Maryland circuit court criminal and civil case records. It has collective historic data from the date of deployment of the system which may vary accordingly with jurisdiction. There are a few types cases that may not be available/accessible on the Maryland case search which is protected by the rules of Maryland court records. All the case information is updated in realtime in the clerk’s office. As soon as the information enters into the system can be accessible by the public in 10 minutes. If you are unable to find the information that you are searching it may be in a queue to get into the system in the clerk’s office or you are trying to access protected cases. You can enquire about the criminal cases back from 1991 and civil cases from 1989. However, it may vary based on the county please check with the maryland judiciary official website for the exact year in which the md court cases are made electronically entered and viewable.

All the case records are available indefinitely on the maryland case search except for the court-ordered reasons like expungement. If you are not aware of few terms please check the glossary of Maryland courts that defines the court terms precisely.

Traffic case records which are considered normal and don’t have any serious consequences usually are sent to the history database and won’t be accessible through the Maryland judiciary case search after 36 months. Saying that if the incident is serious it would be available on case search indefinitely. However, if you would like to search for historic traffic case records can be done easily at the clerk’s office. Maryland case search portal shouldn’t be used for criminal background checks there is completely a separate website for accessing the criminal records “Criminal Justice Information System”. Check for more information from here

The notice for correction of information of the case on the MD case search should be sent to the court where the original record of the case was created or filed. The contact information and location for the courthouse is available online. The District Court locations of Maryland and Circuit Court locations of Maryland, both are available online. If you have corrections for the MD case search website, then do not use the telephone. The correction request for the Maryland judiciary case search is not accepted by the telephone.

Maryland Estatesearch

Estate search provides estate records from the Maryland registry. It used to search the estate records of Maryland which include estate number, date of death, personal representative, date of filling and many more. Maryland actively maintains the estate records from 1998 filled with the register of will’s office and can be accessed with the Maryland case search portal. The data is regularly updated at the clerk’s office and they are available for an indefinite period on the Maryland judiciary case search website. If you want additional information about the record other than the information present the database you may need to write a personal letter to the court.


What is Maryland Case Search?

MD judiciary case search allows the public to view the records of md court cases in the past that are made public. It was introduced in January 2006, it was introduced to deal with the unaccountable requests in the clerk’s office in the court. The maryland court records include the name of parties, location (including city and state), case number, charge and case disposition, date of birth, trial date. The Maryland judiciary case search obtains all the information from the MD judiciary

How to obtain additional case information on maryland case search?

The only way to obtain any additional about the MD judiciary cases is to get your hands on the file and for that, you have put in writing and give out an application to the MD judiciary. Telephonic requests will not be considered. It is a sensitive matter and it will require manual verification and proof in writing from the person requesting the case files. The MD judiciary case search can only allow a little information to be public and keep the sensitive information protected in the MD judiciary itself

In case of inaccurate information, what is the procedure and whom to contact?

Generally, the records in the MD judiciary are stored with correctness but still if there is any error and it came into your eyes, kindly do inform us by sending a written notice to the MD judiciary court.

What type of records are available, and which type is not?

The MD judiciary case search includes MD district court civil, traffic, criminal case records. Some of the MD judiciary cases are also there including MD Circuit court criminal and civil case records. Some of the maryland court cases are protected by the MD judiciary to be publicly available on the Maryland case search, to prevent leaking of sensitive information and it may fall into wrong hands.

Can I remove records from the public, if so how?

The information displayed on the MD judiciary case search is made public but if the information out there is not correct or may be sensitive and have been there by mistake, then there are three ways by which you can bring it to our eyes. However, the information will be there in the MD judiciary. Either the records can be shielded from the public and only allowed to be viewed by certain persons of interest or they can be completely removed from the online directory or either they can be sealed and they will exist in MD judiciary but no one can view them.

What are the limits in the scenario of searching a case on maryland case search?

The only limit while searching on the maryland judiciary case search is that the keyword may be too common and the listing can not exceed 500, so it should be overlooked that the keyword is unique enough that it does not return more than 500 cases on MD judiciary case search. If it does try to add more precise details like the date of filling or other terms

How far back can you look on Maryland judiciary case search?

The MD judiciary case search is an online directory system that returns the cases based on the keyword given, therefore, it has a limited resource and can only go back to a certain time. Although, the case you are looking for maybe still present at the MD judiciary office or the court, in that case, there needs to be a written request to the court. Although some estimates provided are that criminal cases till late 1991, civil cases till 1989, while traffic cases are blunt and do not contain much serious information, therefore only serious offences are put on the case search. Although, a more detailed version of all this information has been put on the website of the Maryland case search

What is the time for which a case may be present on the case search?

As being an online resource, there is no definite time, for which the case should be on the online portal. If the case is not removed by anyone and does not contain any sensitive information, it may be there for an indefinite time, in other words until the online portal is there and does not lose the files stored in the online database.

I Didn’t find the company name using Maryland judiciary case search

If the case search doesn’t return expected results when queried with the company name, it may be due to the lack of a number of cases. You can search with the person name or try searching the company name in the last name.

Am unable to understand the judicial terms on Maryland case search

If you are not able to understand exact meanings for the legal terms you can refer to glossary which is an encyclopedia for legal terms. Or better refer to someone with legal knowledge like a lawyer

Why does page logouts automatically?

Maryland case search programmed in a way that it does automatically closes sessions after 2 minutes of inactivity. So make sure to be active to avoid this

How to verify the trial date when you miss out of information?

If you are not the defendant and forgot your defendant name it may be hard to find the trial date. Well, you can reverse check with the attorney, plaintiff and other information and match the relevancy of your case details on maryland judiciary case search.

What are event abbreviations?

District court maintains a list of codes for identifying the events in district court case record refer to the official website to get complete information about the event codes and their comments